3-Hour Cruise

It is difficult to believe it has been 50 years since Gilligan’s Island first appeared on TV, or that I am old enough to have seen it when it first started. Back then it was in black and white, with a peppy theme song that gets stuck in your head. As a kid, it was a show that I could hardly wait for it to come on in the afternoons. Summer boredom was made easier thanks to the show’s reruns.  Island Palm

Imagination ran amuck thinking about what it would be like to be stranded on an island. Of course, on Gilligan’s Island there were a lot of things going on that did not happen on the island of Tom Hanks’ Cast Away. There were many visitors to Gilligan’s Island even a return visitor in Wrongway Feldman.

The fun things from that show always gave me good memories. I took advantage of one of my characters in my book Canyon Riddle to relive a favorite childhood memory and a real life opportunity to “touch” a part of Gilligan’s Island.

Over the past 50 years my taste in television programs has changed, but given an opportunity to watch a Gilligan’s Island episode (didn’t care for the movies) and I will sit back and watch the adventures of a 3-hour cruise mishap.


Amish Protocol Question

Amish Buggy CrossingAt my local farmer’s market, there are a number of Amish farmers that come in and sell their produce, baked and canned goods. It is a great place to pick up foods that have no added chemicals. The Amish are quiet folks with good business sense and a sense of humor. I enjoy talking with them. There is one woman that comes every week that I call the tomato lady because she is the first and last to have tomatoes and the biggest variety.

My dilemma is that she wears a very striking coat on cool days. The coat is made according to Amish tradition of no trim and is handmade. It is an absolutely beautiful because of the simple lines and the excellent quality of the wool. I have wanted to tell her how beautiful I think it is but the Amish dress plainly to avoid calling attention to themselves.

I know I can complement her produce and honey because they are made by God and His work is to be praised. But her coat was made by a human for warmth and not to call attention to the wearer. Is it taboo to acknowledge the beauty of the coat? Will I offend her if I say something? I am looking for feedback on this question.