From Wronged to Strong

There will always be people in your life who treat you wrong. Be sure to thank them for making you strong. Zig Ziglar

Okay, I never thought of being wronged as making me strong. But now I realize this is true. Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, a witch named Zora worked in a broom factory. Every day Zora reported to work, put on her factory-issued hairnet, and took her place on the factory floor. Her job was to add the last piece of magic to the broom. This small amount of magic she weaved into the broom was something she took immense pride in doing. Some witches used their magic to carve and shape the brooms. While others specialized in the placement of the broom straws and finishing. It was a small operation where everyone knew each other and usually got along.

Then one day, the old manager retired. Dagny, a witch with great skill in finishing, was promoted to factory manager. Dagny felt that the appearance of the broom was the most essential part of the process and worked hard to get everyone to create perfectly formed and beautiful brooms.

Dagny and Zora had worked together for many years. Zora was surprised to learn that Dagny saw no value in Zora’s tiny, insignificant, invisible part. New requirements were put on Zora to make the spell visible and beautiful.

Zora tried to make the spell appear beautiful, like trimming the broom. She worked and worked to perfect the magic. Every day Dagny walked by and watched Zora, making sour faces at her attempts. Then one day Zora was fired.

What was Zora going to do? This work had been her life. She spent the next month sulking in her room. There she practiced more spells, and an idea began to form in her mind. She would open her own broom-making business.

It took several months to get the business started with two friends. The friends carved, assembled, and finished the brooms. Then Zora added her little bit of magic to them. The brooms became popular, and soon their small business grew.

During the time Zora had been without work, she created a new spell for the brooms. The original spell’s purpose was to make the broom respond to its owner’s command. The new spell went further. Not only did the brooms respond, but the broom would become colorful and decorated to match the witch’s personality. It could even change with the witch’s attitude.

A couple of years later, the Witches World News interviewed Zora about her successful business. Zora thanked Dagny for challenging and firing her during the interview, making Zora a better broom-making witch.

Moral: Just because something terrible happens doesn’t mean something better isn’t waiting for us.


Coyote Vengeance

coyote-vengeance-coverIt has been a long time coming but my latest book, Coyote Vengeance, is now available at Amazon. Very excited to have it completed.

This is the second story featuring Texas Ranger Scott Durham. He has recently helped to bring down a gunrunner named Frederick Schmidt. While being transported to federal prison, Schmidt escapes from the U.S. Marshals. The Marshals aren’t sure where he is heading, but are concerned that he will make good on his promise to kill Scott.

In this story we also have the return of park ranger Amanda Chisholm, who was introduced in the first book, Canyon Riddle. Amanda and Scott’s relationship has grown and they are planning a vacation together. But before they can get out of town two things happen to change their plans: First, the U.S. Marshals call on Scott to help recapture Schmidt. Second, Scott’s grandmother shows up at his house.

This is a fun story but with the twists and turns you would expect in a mystery. I enjoyed writing it and hope readers enjoy it also.


Searching for The Star

A children’s story I wrote several years ago. Hope it brightens your Christmas.Star

“Wake up Ahmad!  Bring me the big star chart!  Ahmad!”  Ahmad rolled out of the bedroll and stumbled to the shelf where the scrolls were stored.  He hurried back to his master carrying the star chart.

His master fumbled with the scroll, spreading it on the ground.  He looked at the scroll, then back to the stars.  He was every excited.  “I found it again – just where it was last night,” cried his master, Melchior.  Ahmad was told to load up the camel they were going on a trip.

Ahmad worked all the next day packing for the journey.  He packed a tent, food, clothes, star scrolls, quills, ink, and gold.  As the sun was setting Ahmad and his master set out on their trip.  They traveled all night and rested during the day with his master writing notes along the way.

The second day was like the first, traveling at night, stopping to make notes, and more walking.  They spent the night at an inn where many people were staying.  Ahmad was so tired that all he could think about was getting some sleep, but first he had to make sure the pack animals were taken care of and their things stored.  Then it would be time to rest.

His master was sitting at a long table talking with two other travelers, their servants standing nearby.  Like Ahmad, their servants looked tired.  Ahmad took his place near his master.

All Melchior and the other travelers talked about were the stars.  While his master finished eating Ahmad stood quietly waiting so they could get some rest; he heard them talking about the very different star they had just discovered.  The star did not move like the other stars in the heavens.  It stayed in the same place day after day as if it marked the spot of something important.  The travelers were going to where the star was pointing to see what was there.  Ahmad’s master and the two travelers were all going to the same place and decided to travel together.  After more conversation, they decided to rest and then they would leave as the sun set.  Finally, Ahmad could get some sleep.

Ahmad was still sleeping when his master called him and asked if the camels were ready to go.  Ahmad hurried out to prepare to leave.  Outside the other servants were getting their camels ready to go also.  Ahmad introduced himself, and they said their names were Dawud and Hanif.  They had been traveling for four days.

The servants helped their masters onto the camels, and then they were off.  Heading westward, just like the last few days.  As they walked along, the masters talked about the star.  Sharing information about when they first saw it and wondering what could it mean.  They agreed it had to be something very important.  On they traveled.

Ten days later, they neared Jerusalem.  The star seemed to be very close, but it was not standing over Jerusalem.  The travelers decided they would go to Jerusalem, the home of the king of the Jews, and ask what the star meant.

Ahmad was sent to the king’s palace to deliver a note requesting a time the travelers could visit the king.  He waited for a reply and was told to come back tomorrow.  The next day they went to the palace.  The king of the Jews, Herod, was delighted to have distinguished visitors.  He prepared a feast for them.  After they had eaten, Herod asked what he could do for them.  They explained about seeing the star and how they believed it meant something important was nearby.  They wondered if Herod knew what the new star meant.

Herod sent for his kingdom’s wise men.  They thought a moment and then said that the prophets of old had written in the town of Bethlehem the king of the Jews would be born.  Herod told the travelers what his wise men had told him about Bethlehem.  And he asked if they found the new king, to please come back and tell him so he could go see.

The next evening there was the star, brighter and bigger than ever.  The travelers started towards Bethlehem.  When they arrived, there was the star standing over at a small inn.  The travelers went in to find that a couple was there with a baby boy.  Ahmad watched in disbelief as his master, a man of wealth and power, bowed down on his knees in front of the child and then the other travelers did the same thing.

Ahmad’s master sent him to get the gold they carried.  Ahmad brought in the gold.  His master took the gold and gave it to the parents of the baby.  It was obvious this couple was very poor and had never seen this much gold.  The other travelers gave valuable gifts also, frankincense and myrrh.  The couple thanked them.  They spent the next few days at the inn.

Ahmad was bringing in some water for his master when he heard the baby crying.  He looked and saw that no one was in the room with the baby.  He went into the room quietly to look at the baby.  As he approached the baby’s bed, the baby stopped crying and smiled.  Ahmad stood there looking at the baby and realized he was looking at a very special child – a child different than any before.  Like his master, Ahmad fell to his knees and bowed his head to the ground.  He didn’t understand why he should do this but knew that he was in the room with a king and should show respect.  Shortly the child’s mother came in the room.  He was afraid she would be angry, but she smiled and said thank you for watching over Jesus while she was away.

Jesus, so that was the baby’s name.  That would be a name he would never forget.