Successful Attitude Change with One Word

yellow flowers-shutterstock_121361704“I’ve got to go to work.”

“I’ve got to go to school.”

“I’ve got to go to the doctor.”

“I’ve got to….” Just fill in the blank.

Every day we say we got to do something and it is usually something we would rather not do. But by changing one word you can change your entire attitude towards doing whatever it is you got to do. Not magic, not over hype Pollyanna happiness, but serious attitude change.

That change is go from “got” to “get.” Now think how these same got to dos sound when you get to do them.

“I get to go to work.” I’m not unemployed. Might not be my dream job but I have work, which will make it easier to get a better job.

“I get to go to school.” This provides you the opportunity to learn more, meet more people, and have more (get a better job.)

“I get to go to the doctor.” Unlike much of the world, there is a doctor available for me. To make me feel better.

The chores are the same, but the idea is different when you get to do something. Get implies opportunity, something special just for you, and has an element that this might be fun.

When I’m looking a pile of dirty clothes that need to be washed, I remind myself I get to do the laundry because I have more than one outfit and washer and dryer, and the chore isn’t so bad.

Give “get” a try. You’ll be surprised what a difference that one word can make in your attitude.



Evidence of Nothing to Say

Blessed is the man, who having nothing to say, abstains from giving wordy evidence of the fact. George EliotTrash

In this day of public exposure to other people’s ideas and thoughts, this quote should be our constant reminder to watch our words. Social media, blogging, television, etc. gives almost everyone a chance to say their piece. Whether it is to sound off about your latest interaction with poor or great service, a wonderful meal, children’s accomplishments, crazy pet stunts, anger about a current event, or swooning over the love of your life – we all can tell or show the world. But is it wise to do this?

Considering most of the comments make no difference in anyone’s life or will be remembered even a year later, do we post because we need to hear ourselves talk?

I am as guilty as anyone for posting thoughts that are trifles. I try not to do this, as I want to be considered relevant. If I were to post my every thought this would cause others to view me and my comments as meaningless. No one wants to be meaningless.

Does this mean I never post a silly photo or express my anger over a situation? No. I just try to think about what I want to post and decide if it has any value to anyone. Just before I click publish, I stop and ask, “Will this make someone smile, or think about a problem they may not have considered before? Or is it just babbling?” As you might expect, there are more posts in the trash than you will find here.

Armed for Battle

IMG_1559It’s November, end of the beautiful fall colors in my area of the country, cold weather is creeping down from the north, and it is the start of short daylight hours. Just thinking about going and coming home from work in the dark depresses me. Watching the sun set at 4:00 is difficult but knowing it won’t be above the horizon until after 7:00 adds to the sad feelings I get. But the bright side to all this darkness is hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate is what I crave when the daylight gives way to darkness. I am sure this is my body fighting off the depression caused by the lack of sunlight, officially called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. I don’t have SAD, but I become moody and uninvolved with long periods of no sunshine. Which really bothers me since I’m usually an upbeat person.

That brings me back to chocolate, loaded with substances that cause the brain to release endorphins – the feel good chemicals. The problem with chocolate is it tastes so good. It takes only a small amount of chocolate to activate the happy endorphins, but your mouth wants more, which overloads the brain. So how to find the perfect balance. For me, it is a cup of hot chocolate. It is hot which means I have to drink it slowly giving me a longer time to enjoy the flavor, and it is a controlled portion of chocolate that keeps the brain happy.

So bring on those long dark winter days, I’m armed and ready to take it on.

Are Pet Peeves Worth the Trouble?

IMG_1426“I don’t have pet peeves, I have whole kennels of irritation.” Whoopie Goldberg

At first this quote might not make sense, but look closer. It is a fun play on words that makes me smile. I like the clever use of words – even puns that make me groan. But this ramble is about the subject of the quote, not the cleverness of it, but that may come later.

We all have things that irritate us. I get irritated about people leaving empty paper rolls on the spindle; empty cartons put back in the refrigerator; towels dropped on a restroom floor after they have been used to open the door and such. Most of the things that get under my skin are things I consider rude.

As I have gained life experiences, my list of pet peeves has grown smaller, which might surprise many of you. I find I am more tolerant of other people’s habits than I used to be. Also, I have learned I can’t change anyone but myself and I put more value on my time now than I did when I was 20.

Letting someone’s rudeness ruin my day is my choice and I prefer to put my energies towards having good days. But sometimes, it just happens. The driver that changed lanes without signaling (yes, another one of my pet peeves) will get the best of me. All the way to work I fuss about his bad driving habits, so when I arrive my attitude is not pleasant. This attitude is picked up on by my co-workers and supervisors, they walk around me and talk in soft voices. Now I have ruined another aspect of my day.

When you are faced with an irritation how do you react? Does your response affect your entire day? It was an “Aha!” moment when I realized I am not responsible for everyone’s bad habits only mine. I was freed from worrying about every insult to my senses and given back time for useful things – like writing.

I am not perfect, but I do try to not let daily irritations rule me.