New Life

road-small-sizeI have recently retired from a job I enjoyed. I now have time to travel and write. It’s a very exciting time in my life. Yes, I’m a little nervous about this big change but not scared.

Over the past years I have been planning for this day. The day I don’t work. It is now here and I am about to start traveling across the USA. No schedule to keep. No deadlines. Just the opportunity to enjoy the adventures of the day.

I have been waking up and expecting my vacation to be over and it’s time to return to work. Then I remember this is my new life without steady work. Pretty exciting.


Elusive Northern Lights

NighSkyWithMoon-ShutterstockI was looking forward to seeing the Northern Lights this past month.  They were going to be over my head after 11:00 p.m but it was recommended to get outside of the city for the best view. I drove outside the city, parked on a dark road and waited.  The weather was perfect, only a few clouds in the sky, and warm enough that only a light jacket was needed.  I waited.

The stars were shining, and I could pick out several constellations.  The breeze blew ever so gently. Staring at the sky, I waited.

Drove a little further north, avoiding all the cities, and busy roads.  All the while watching the sky for the start of the predicted show.

After an hour, I had to go home as I would have to be up in 5 hours to go to work.  I drove slowly with a vigilant eye to the sky.

This is the third time I have stayed up late, driven out of town and waited to be disappointed.  One time I drove almost a hundred miles and spent the night at a hotel with the expectations the Lights would be spectacular from this vantage point.

The next day I learned the Northern Lights had been visible at my house!

This adventure continues.