So this is Christmas

Christmas time again.

As you read that statement, what emotion popped into your mind? Did you think about Christmas with joy, dread, exhaustion, anxiety, sadness, or reverence?

For me, I go through all those emotions. Having the family together, the food, and the season’s excitement all come together to cause many feelings.

  • Joy. I love my family and having them together makes me happy.
  • Dread. The holiday shopping. I am not a shopper.
  • Exhaustion. Trying to get everything ready, shipped, and cooked wears me out.
  • Anxiety. Trying to get everything done, but reality is I put this stress on me.
  • Sadness. There are empty seats at the Christmas table. Some are empty because of schedules or illness, and others are empty because the person has died.
  • Reverence. When I stop to contemplate the reason we are celebrating the season. I am in awe that God came to live on Earth as a man. Don’t be afraid to talk to Him about how you are feeling, because He truly understands and cares for you.

Wishing you the merriest of Christmases.


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