So what happens next?

As a child I was taught about sequencing – what happens next; if this then that; etc. I never gave it much thought but over the years, I have come to appreciate being able to answer these types of questions to help resolve problems and situations that are encountered every day.

When writing, the answers to these questions helps to move a story along. These answers will provide conversation between characters and results to actions (or inaction).Texas Tarantula

When trying to figure out where to start a story ask “What happens if ____”. Then by using the sequencing questions your story will move right along.

For my story, Canyon Riddle, I thought about a time my family was camping and my young sons had a scary adventure that involved learning that tarantulas can jump straight up in the air. I asked, “What if they had found a skeleton rather than a tarantula?”  The story grew from there. Always keeping in the forefront the sequencing questions helps to keep me on track.

When you are writing what do you use to get you started?


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